What kind of improvements can we expect as a union?


Every union contract is different, because each reflects the priorities of the group of members that negotiated it. Here at Good Samaritan, one thing we focused on was compensation for accreditation. Maybe at Sacred Heart it will be basic wage scales or fairness in rebidding. As a union, you will have the right to negotiate over wages, benefits and working conditions; just like registered nurses in the ONA do. It’s up to you.”

Peggy Ridley, Sleep Study Tech
Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center, Corvallis


No one at Sacred Heart will be allowed to pay any dues until you vote to approve your first union contract. New members of our union who work in healthcare pay a dues rate of 1.7%. Our union uses dues to cover the expenses it takes to build a strong union in our hospital, including negotiating our contracts, training our elected shop stewards, and helping new members like you organize. SEIU Local 49 members pay dues according to how much we earn, excluding overtime. And no, there is NO initiation fee.”

Caitlin Doherty, Sterile Processing Tech
Legacy Emanuel Hospital, Portland


When we formed a union with SEIU Healthcare, we gained the support of a larger organization, but we run our own chapter in our hospital, which we democratically control. WE vote on our own union contracts. WE elect stewards in our own departments. AND, we participate in the larger organization, voting on union priorities and dues, and electing a state-wide executive board of working people like ourselves.”

Malia Scanlan
Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital