Caregivers across PeaceHealth are standing up and making real differences for ourselves and our patients. With the recent contract victory at PeaceHealth St. Joseph’s in Bellingham, caregivers have raises, ways to improve staffing concerns and respect for our union. At our medical center we continue building our strength, as department after department signs membership cards build our contract action team, and nominates our bargaining team.

St. Joseph New Contract Highlights:

  • 6% raises over next 16 months plus guaranteed annual wage increases on anniversary of hire date
  • Wage increases to match years of service (All employees with same experience level will be increased to same pay through contract)
  • Pay Differentials on top of hourly wages (Per diem differential, certification differential, Preceptor pay, etc.)
  • Staffing improvements with Mandatory rest time off
  • All caregivers to receive overtime at time and one-half for time worked after 8,10 and 12 hr shifts

Charles_SHIt’s up to us to get back high standards of care at PeaceHealth. We’ve got to be willing to stand up together. With our union we know we have a voice – so sign your membership cards!
Charles luttrell

McKenzie_SHI’m not surprised we’re at a super majority of people in our department signing union membership cards. I think it is important to take the time to answer questions, to be clear and concise and include as many people as possible. This is something we need to fight for, it’s not just going to happen.
Mckenzie Castle
Materials management


  • Sign our membership cards – We’re making great progress with some deparments including ORTHO, Materials Management and Oncology all reporting more that 70% sign-ups. Sign yours today!
  • Nominating our bargaining team – Bargaining Nominations are due July 31st! Connect with a CAT Team member, Committee member or supporter to nominate yourself or someone you know. Bargaining Team Training Will Take place on August 1 (9am – 2pm)

FOR MORE INFORMATION Reach out to an organizer by calling 541-726-2454 to learn more.