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What is the Union Difference?


“Being short staffed makes my job very difficult – I worry every day about how it will affect our patients. So, I stood up and took action because I was really concerned about workload in the Material Service department. My coworkers and I raised these issues together, and as a result, management posted and filled 5 positions. Now, we have the necessary staffing to do a great job for our patients and colleagues!”

Eric Bradfield, Logistics Tech
Legacy-Emanuel Hospital, Portland

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We’re front-page news!

From the Register-Guard article:

RGheadlineAnna Blackman, CNA on 8 Medical is quoted in the article: “We have been voicing to management for years that we need some improvements, and we felt like we needed a united voice to be able to make some progress,” she said. “There isn’t job security, and talented caregivers don’t stay here because of this lack of security and low wages.”

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Headline: “Peacehealth hospital doctors sound alarm”

From the Register-Guard article:

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 3.23.47 PM“We’re very concerned about patient safety. That’s our No. 1 goal to ensure that,” said Dr. Brittany Ellison, a hospitalist at Sacred Heart and communications director for the recently formed Pacific Northwest Hospital Medicine Association…”

The lack of hospitalists “puts a huge strain on the staff, including nurses, CNAs and specialists…It’s just ridiculous the number of hours we’re doing and the number of patients we’re seeing,” she said.

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