AtPeaceHealthMeet the 2,500 members SEIU at PeaceHealth across Oregon and Washington. Caregivers are organized with each other through SEIU, at Sacred Heart, St. John and St. Joseph facilities. We believe PeaceHealth has all the resources necessary to better live up to its own mission, which states in part: “We build and evaluate the structures of our organization and those of society to promote the just distribution of health care resources.”

Uniting across Peacehealth

Caregivers in Longview and Bellingham, Washington are united in our union.


I was shocked to speak with caregivers at Sacred Heart, and hear about staffing ratios and on the job injuries. It really sounds like folks here have an uphill fight to be able to provide good patient care – it’s must be so hard when you have so many patients to take care of. I’m a CNA at Peacehealth St. John, I’ve been there for 6.5 years. As a unionized group we stick together and stand up for better staffing. When our patient load goes above what we are supposed to have we make sure more staff is called in. We know that as union members, we can’t be penalized for standing up for patients.”

Brianne Simpson, CNA Behavioral Health
Peacehealth St. John, Longview, WA


“We organized our union at Peacehealth St. Joseph’s in Bellingham, and now we’re at the bargaining table with management and making progress. It isn’t always easy. And it might take a while. But it is so worth it because this is about our lives. I have a chronic condition and I can’t afford my own medication on our health plan. I’m lucky, I have my husband’s income to help. But I have co-workers that have to decide every month between paying for their meds, or paying rent. That isn’t right. Standing together at Sacred Heart means joining us and other union members across Peacehealth, and fighting to make a difference for our families and our patients.”

Felicia Silva, CNA Unit Coordinator
Peacehealth St. Joseph’s, Bellingham, WA


“I became a nurse, because I care deeply about people. I have worked for Sacred Heart for the past ten years, first as a CNA, then as an RN. I have witnessed first hand the dangerous trend that cuts in staffing are having toward quality patient care. As a union, nurses at Sacred Heart are standing up and doing something about this: we have reached out to the community for support and we are lobbying our state legislators for a stronger staffing law. As nurses, we rely on a vast support system of people to provide us with the tools we need to safely care for our patients. Budget cuts are affecting everyone in the organization; this really concerns me. That is why I support all the caregivers at Sacred Heart to form their own union. Stand with us, so we may help Sacred Heart fulfill their vision that, ‘Every person receives, safe, compassionate care; every time, every touch‘.

Toré Murvin, RN
8 Medical